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Date Added: 10/25/2017 Does Green Card Have Social Security Number?


Does green card have social security number

The social security number is a social security number for temporary or permanent citizens in the United States. This number consists of 9 digits and is provided by the Social Security Institution. After getting a green card, one of the most important steps is to get a social security number. This stage should be followed with care. Otherwise, you will not have any social security and you will not be able to fully or partially benefit from health, protection and other insurance transactions.

Well, can green card holders get social security numbers? In what situations can you take them and what are the steps? Let me answer these questions.

First of all, Social Security Numbers (SSN) can be examined in several fronts, but it is useful to generalize them. First, you have permanent or temporary citizenship, you can change the process whether you have applied for study, reading, traveling or other situations. In this case, the following generalization can be made.

Application for Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration

For every perpetual persistent, a social security number must be taken. This will help you work in the United States, move freely in banks or other commercial areas, detail your tax transactions, and many other areas. If you are applying for a visa, you must also be present at the front of this number to be given to you. Otherwise, later on, you will be waiting for more difficult days and stages.

You can apply for “Application for Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration” or “Immigrant Visa Electronic Application”. Otherwise, you do not need to make an extra application. For this, the interior ministry will provide you with the necessary assistance. Here you will be given an SSN card. If you have previously owned an SSN card, in this case, your SSN card should be replaced with a new one.




The Department of State implemented the electronic registration system beginning with DV-2005 in order to make the DV process more efficient and secure. The Department utilizes special technology and other means to identify those who commit fraud for the purposes of illegal immigration or those who submit multiple entries.



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