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Date Added: 08/10/2017 Immigration and Job Opportunities Worldwide

Immigration and Job Opportunities Worldwide

Where are the jobs? That’s a question we are all asking now. Many of us have skills in one field or another, but job in our own country are scarce. So which countries economies will support more workers during these times? We take a look at some of the best places to get a good salary for your skills. Currently, jobs in the UAE and other Arabic countries are still hot. There is plenty of money there. China, with its huge economy will have a need for skilled workers and technical workers for next 20 years and on. They are developing a new space program, building skyscrapers and office parks and malls at a fast rate. China is also investing in Africa, and needs skilled workers to achieve projects in Africa. Brazil is doing well financially also, and the Northern European countries doing well also. Some countries are currently in a slump, so the hiring is less, but still there are skilled jobs available. Countries like Japan and Korea consistently need an influx of skilled workers and businessmen and women to help their businesses grow.

Do you have an advanced degree?

I would suggest taking a look at the following for each country you would like to work in. There are considerations like immigration visas, green cards, cultural restrictions, conflicts, and the current economy are all factors that need to be considered. Also consider how your education and background. Do you have a family that needs to relocate with you? Or are you single?
How can you be an advantage to the company you want to work for.

Employment in the UAE is different from employment in other parts of the world. First, we will discuss current salaries and paycheck distribution and tax information. There is no minimum wage, so wages very based on skill set and employer. There are many jobs in the UAE for Construction and technical jobs as well as management. Secondly, there is the issue of nationality and appearance. In the UAE, where you come from also affects the salary you get. For example, there was an American working the exact same job as an Indian and the American received Dhs. 3,000 (US$ 822) while the Indian received Dhs. 1,500 (US $411). The nationality and appearance factor will normally start from your resume, as many companies require you to send a picture with your resume. Many jobs are also based on looks, so send in a clean sharp photo of yourself, when applying. You will be competing with citizens from all over the world and also Emirate nationals. So, it is very important that you get a college degree before applying.
If the job you apply for is short term, you will get a temporary work visa from the UAE, if you have managed to acquire a long-term job, a passport may be given, and some actually may receive UAE citizenship, but this is fairly rare. The cost of living is okay for a single person, but increases if you bring your family along. See  for more information on the UAE.

The rules for working in UAE: 1) you will need to first acquire a residential permit so you can apply for a labor card. The labor card will permit you to obtain employment in the UAE. The residential permit can be obtained when someone in UAE can legally sponsor you. A person will legally sponsor you only when that someone is your relative or a company who is going to employ you. Once you get a visa your employer will ask to hold it, but it is better to keep it in your possession and give them a copy. You can only work for a company if your visa permits it. Make sure you get your paycheck on time, if not seek council. If you plan to bring your family, make sure you are making enough money to provide for them.




The Department of State implemented the electronic registration system beginning with DV-2005 in order to make the DV process more efficient and secure. The Department utilizes special technology and other means to identify those who commit fraud for the purposes of illegal immigration or those who submit multiple entries.



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